Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have any products ready for purchase?
A: Yes! Our gallery of current products can be viewed here.

Q: How do I place an order?
A: We have several pens for immediate purchase via PayPal in our “Available Now” section. If you would like to special order something, please contact us at

Q: How do I choose the correct pen type?
A: There’s not one cut and dry answer for selecting pens because each person has different preferences for the type of pen they like to use for different situations. If you are buying a pen as a gift for someone else, I would recommend paying attention to what type of pen they tend to write with most. Some people only like ball point pens (Jeremey), some only like gel or fountain pens (Sharla), and some really don’t care what type of pen it is as long as it has ink and will write.

Q: Why do you love pens?
A: I honestly don’t know but it has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Most of my childhood friends will still tell stories of how I carried an assortment of pens with me almost everywhere I went. Different pen types have different uses and I wanted to be prepared for anything.

Q: Do you accept special orders?
A: Yes! Once you contact us with your request, we can give you an estimate on how long it will take to complete your order. Timeline will depend on current stock and workload.

Q: May I have my product engraved?
A: We do not offer that service yet but it is something I am eager to start. Once we are able to purchase an engraver and become familiar with its operation, we will post engraving information on our site.

Q: Can you ship my order?
A: Yes! Our preferred method is the USPS flat rate shipping (currently $9.20) for orders within the United States. At this time, we cannot ship outside the United States.

Q: What is your refund and return policy?
A: We want you to be happy with your purchase but if, for some reason you are not, our refund and return policy can be viewed here.

Q: How do you determine the price for your products?
A: Price is calculated by taking into account material cost as well as tool maintenance and the typical time necessary to complete the product. Our goal is not to make a living from our products but to make enough to keep feeding our hobby.

Q: Why do products made from different wood types or acrylic types priced differently?
A: Prices are determined by the cost of the material they are made from. The more exotic the wood is, the higher the cost is for us, which makes the product have a higher price. This is also true for acrylics. Not all acrylics are priced at the same rate so we adjust our price accordingly.

Q: Why do acrylic products cost more than wood products?
A: Many times, the acrylic material necessary to make the product costs more than the wood material would for that same product. Additionally, acrylic is tougher on our tools, which also has to be factored into the final product price.