About Us

Harris Woodworking has evolved over time. The main woodworker in the family is Jeremey, who has been involved in some aspect of the trade for nearly 20 years. He has designed and built a variety of items, from picture frames to workbenches to patio furniture. While Jeremey’s projects are typically larger in scale, he still pays careful attention to the fine details of each piece. Sharla helps on projects when he needs another pair of hands, but she does not have the passion for that part of the trade at the same level as Jeremey.

In 2021, Sharla stumbled onto the idea of turning pens. While on a supply run to a local woodworking store, Sharla took a keen interest in the pen kits, seeing a way to spend more time in the shop with Jeremey while producing something that she could take pride in creating. This hobby quickly took on a life of its own with Sharla finishing more pens than she herself could use. As an avid pen collector, she has exacting standards for quality pens and ensures that each creation meets these standards.

Harris Woodworking is a family adventure with even our youngest getting in on the experience. We are eager to share our designs with you. Our goal is not to make a living from our hobby, but to continue feeding our addiction to woodworking.